Dr. Paul Pettay


After graduating from the New York Chiropractic College in 1996, Dr. Pettay moved to Lancaster County to setup a practice with his colleague and business partner, Dr. Jim Siegenthaler.  Siengenthaler Chiropractic has been improving the lives of their patients since 1997.


Dr. Pettay’s Credentials:

  • New York Chiropractic College — 1996
  • Certified in Active Release Techniques, Graston Soft Tissue Technique, and Myofascial Disruption Technique — 2001
  • Assistant Instructor Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Spine, Upper and Lower Extremity and Long Nerve Entrapment
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 2 Medical – finishing level 3 certification
  • SFMA(Selective Functional Movement Assessment-method of injury evaluation) certified
  • Level 4 certified USA hockey coach

When treating patients, Dr Pettay combines chiropractic and integrative manual therapies including spinal and extremity adjustments, ART (Active Release Techniques), Graston Soft Tissue Technique and Myofascial Disruption Technique.  This multifaceted approach addresses soft tissue (muscle, ligament and nerve) and joint biomechanics for faster injury recovery, restores proper function and improves performance.  He specializes in quickly returning athletes, of all levels, to their regular training routines and ultimately the game.  You don’t need to be a professional athlete to see great benefit from Dr. Pettay’s treatment methods, regardless of the method of your injury, the treatment is the same with results.


Dr. Pettay’s Clientele Sample:

  • Chiropractic/ART treatment provided to the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League (AHL) throughout the season. 2005-Present
  • Current  NHL players on the Washington Capital and Colorado Avalanche  (NHL) and Reading Royals (ECHL)
  • Worked with KHL hockey team Yaroslavl – performance care, injury prevention and injury treatments.
  • NFL Players in season and out-Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers — 2001 to present
  • MLB players from the Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, AAA, and AA players
  • Power Train Sports Institute Athletes – NFL Combine, College Athletes and High School Athletes
  • Cross fitters, Power lifters, Professional Bodybuilders, Fitness Competitors
  • High school Athletes — State Champion Manheim Central Barons Football (team chiropractor), players from all the various high school sports
  • Professional Dancers/Actors and Musical Entertainers – Hershey park performers, off Broadway shows
  • Marathon runners, triathletes, and cross-country runners